Alhamdulillah, saya berkesempatan to witness some of the natures beauty in Malaysia.
Since tahun 2012 nak habis, I wanna compile them in one post.
There were lot of things going on but I'm gonna simplified it.
For me, these are the most memorable trips of the year. ;)

Pulau Pangkor

I went to Pulau pangkor at the beginning of this year. Pegi Pulau Pangkor ni is like one of the big vacations with my BESTIES lepas keluar sekolah. Since everybody is busy and some are not on their holidays, only 5 of us yang boleh pergi. The funny thing is, this is my first time I meet with Asri. The funnier thing is, it seems like we have known each other for years when I meet him.

We were there for 3 hari 2 malam. We were snorkeling, mandi mandi, enjoy the great dishes and of course the best thing is when pillow talk + juicy gossips sampai tertido. It was so amazing to witness beautiful creatures of sea. Bagi makan ikan in front of my very eyes! One of the best moments was the second night where we talked all night long kat pantai. OH GOD! We had deep conversations which is I remember so well + the peaceful sound of waves.

Pulau Pangkor is quite cantik jugak. The most important thing is the memory itself. Like Asri said, "Kita nih pegi pangkor tapi enjoy ala ala macam pegi Caribbean Island". For me, Izrul did a great job in planning sebab quite murah actually. Jimat tahap badak.

Taman Negara

I was so impressed by the idea pegi Taman Negara. It is a new thing for me because I never thought I will ever gonna be there to be honest. We were there for 2 hari 1 malam. First day, we were riding a boat to explore the river. The interesting thing is, it was raining and we have to ride roofless boat. Things get more interesting when we have to perang air dengan bot bot lain which means we were soaking wet! Bile fikir balik, I'm probably the only one yang menjerit bila kena air. Mesti ramai yang rase annoyed. LOL!

We meet orang asli and learns their culture. The only term i could remember till now is "Ak oi lah" = "Terima kasih". At the end of the session, belajar menyumpit gittew. Tak sangka plak I am the worst penyumpit. =_=" I can sense that my friends were holding their laugh sebab nak jaga hati. EERRKK! At night, we were going into hutan nak tengok binatang/pokok apa yang ada kat situ. There were spider berbulu besar kepala, spesies lipan yang tak tau pon die exist, ular and many more! OH GOD! We were not that fortunate sebab tak nampak gajah that night.

Last day, we were hiking bukit. Almost 4 hours (If I'm not mistaken) untuk naik turun jer. WHAT A JOURNEY! Dapat naik canopy walk, jalan jalan dalam hutan + the sounds of chirping birds. It was a beautiful experience even though badan lenguh lenguh for the next 3 days. -_-

Pulau Redang

This is definitely the most beautiful islands I've ever seen so far! Warna air laut dan pasir pantai die sangat cantik!

We were there for 3 days 1 night. There were 3 trips for snorkeling. The trips were quite scary because we have to snorkeling at open sea. There was a trip where we went to the an island yang dipelihara. There were so many kind of fishes and colorful coral! I was stunned as i saw a GIANT coral (It is a coral if I'm not mistaken) there.

We were so lucky because the room is only one step away from the beach. I witnessed the sunrise from my very eyes! I was enjoying great games of volleyball, delicious dishes, snorkeling, mandi mandi, laughing non stop, and enjoying every minutes of being there. The trip was quite exhausting sebab ada 3 trips of snorkeling. Lagipun, my hand bengkak and need a week to completely healed sebab excited sangat main volleyball. =_="

All in all, Alhamdulillah for everything!
Saya berpeluang melihat sedikit sebanyak ciptaanNya.
Terima kasih kepada yang sudi ajak saya. :D
I'm looking forward for more in the future. Amin!


Wow you've change (physically) a lot since the last time I saw you.

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